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Option1: The cheapest option is to book a package with Hotel & flight. Google to Hotel Pasiphae and you will find many offers of Sunweb, Tui, Neckermann, Booking.com etc. Extra nights you can book through us. Participation dates are flexible.

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Option 2: Book A separate flight and book with our the basic or complete package including the hotel.

A cheap option is to book a separate flight to Athens and a separate flight from Athens to Lesbos.

There are many direct and indirect flights to Lesvos. Search for Mytilene Airport or Mytilene. Look at Corendon, Tui, Cheaptickets, Transavia or Eagean. Departure and arrival are flexible with us.

Option 3: It is also possible to fly to Athens and take the ferry to Lesvos. The ferry trip takes 10 hours and you need to book tickets in advance.

Airport Transfer-Hotel

Transfer from and to the airport on request € 40. If we can't pick you up ourselves, we'll arrange a taxi for you, costs €50... You will be asked for all the details of your flight before you arrive, so that the driver can meet you and welcome you at Mytilini airport.

The distance from the airport to Hotel is about 50 km.

Hotel and surroundings

  • 5 minutes walk to the beach
  • 10 minutes walk to the village of Skala Kalloni
  • 15 minutes by bike to the town of Kalloni with the bus station.

1 day trip is included.


  • Car Rental in the village
  • Scooter rental only with experience (driver's license required)
  • Bicycle rental
  • Bus Station in Kalloni

Skala Kalloni

Skala Kalloni 01
Skala Kalloni square
Skala Kalloni
Skala Kalloni centre

Skala Kalloni

This authentic fishing village is within walking position of our hotel. Here you can go to the local supermarket or the bakery. There are plenty of beach bars to enjoy your ice cream coffee or enjoy a delicious drink at the cocktail bar. There are some boutiques and a pharmacy. Here on the square you also have Dimitris car and scooter rental. In addition, there are several bike rental addresses. The boulevard is of course very cozy. If you walk 100 meters, you have the beach for yourself and you will find the most beautiful shells. With some stray wood and other materials we make the nicest objects. Just all the way Zen.

Skala Kalloni 300x400

Sardines Festival

during the summer months there are occasional music and dance events on the square. During the Sardines festival, when the new catch is in, sometime in August go all the legs of the floor. In large circles and rows we dance several traditional Greek dances, young and old do with it. Everyone in his best outfit, take your evening clothes with you. You can do a lot of unpacking because Greeks love frills.

Other trips

Vrouwenklooster 300

There are two monasteries in the vicinity of our Hotel that are still in use, a male and a woman's monastery. They are connected by a pilgrimage of hundreds of years old. A beautiful walking route gives you the chance to visit both.

Mountain village 300x225
Old Mountain Villages

Agiassos is located 26 kilometres from the town of Mytilene on the pine and olijfbedekte slopes of Mount Olympos, in the south of the island of Lesvos. The region is characterised by stunning greenery.

Agiassos itself is a completely traditional village with narrow streets and scenic paths.
The owners of many houses have the wooden balconies adorned by placing flower pots full of begonias.
Many years ago the village was known for its pottery, tradition is still continuing. There is also a high level of carvings. Craftsmen make beautiful wooden icons and furniture. While the women are spinning and weaving.

However, Agiassos is known throughout Greece by the church Virgin Mary, the Panagia ti Vrefokratousa, in the center of the village with its collection of old icons. Pilgrims walk from Mytilene to Agiassos.

Hot water source with Jacuzzi
Sigri petrified forrest museum 400x300
The forest

Near the sacred Monastery of Hypsylou and in the area near Eressos, you will find the stoned forest of Lesvos. This natural monument is unique to the whole of Europe. Nowhere in the world is a similar forest to be found, with the exception of Arizona in the US. The accompanying museum is definitely worth a visit.

Hot water Source-spa

There are a number of hot water sources to visit. It seems to have a positive effect on artritus, stiff joints, rheumatism, bronchitis and it is yummy for the skin. It works very relaxing. At Gera there is both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. There are sun beds with beautiful views over the Aegean Sea. "Therma" on the Gulf of Gera is my favorite. You can also book massages there. Call to make a reservation +306972502630

wandelkaart 300x225
Mysterious chestnut forests, expansive coniferous forests, rugged mountain ranges, two large inland seas and a whimsical coastline: the green and fertile Lesvos is a true natural paradise. It is located in the North Aegean Sea, has 85,000 inhabitants and is the third largest island in Greece, with its 1630 square kilometers.
The population is mainly concerned with agriculture and livestock: the mountains attract giant sheep herds and the hills are covered with some eleven million olive trees.
The hiking trails are well described and in many cases marked. Also with hot days it is good to do.
Bring close walking shoes.
Diving on Lesbos

Diving in the waters of Lesvos is truly a wonderful experience, it is something like diving through a historical museum, where history and beauty meet. Diving through areas of lava formed 20 million years ago, along with the ancient Greek culture that was kept under water for more than 2500 years.

Molyvos 04

Molyvos is a picturesque town on Lesvos, It is located in the northern part of the island and is built on a hill. It has a colourful fishing port and picturesque narrow streets and it is actually the most beautiful and nicest place of Lesvos.

The sight of the houses against the mountain, with the top of the castle is beautiful. It is an authentic, truly Greek town. It is touristic, but it has retained its traditional style. Through the cobbled streets that run up and down.

In Molyvos, which is 68 kilometers northwest of Mytilene , there are many nice shopping streets with souvenir shops and small markets. There are many good restaurants and taverns, some have breathtaking views to the Bay of Molyvos.

The Pebble Beach at Molyvos may be somewhat less attractive

Skala Eresou
Skala Eressos

Skala Eressos was once a Lesbian hangout. Now more of a tourist resort with bars and restaurants. Nice for a few hours but you're still glad you haven't booked here.

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